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After years of practice and tons of experience I learned the techniques, that helps me in my work with modern brands and companies.

But working with famous companies does not prevent me from giving good photos to private clients. And this work in private inspires me at all.

Here are some of the most inspiring reviews from my clients. If you wish to join this group of satisfied people or have something to say you can feel free to fill contact form below. Your opinion is very important to me, because I always try to evolve and improve in the professional field and work on mistakes.

Model Lidia Savoderova Model
I was a model on workshop, organized by Constantinos. I am very thankful for everything how workshop went! First of all, for organization of time, lunch break (which is sometimes rare thing during such a long workshop), travelling etc. For the second – for his care of contact between participants and model (me). It happens from time to time when photographer-moderator of workshop doesn’t care of how everything goes during workshop – participants don’t give a chance to each other to make good picture, interrupt and disturb each other as there is no any coordination of time, dividing into groups, care of leader concerning angles, poses to shoot etc. It happens that model has to work many hours without any break which is exhausting. On Constantinos workshop everything was opposite and so - great! As a result I saw many amazing pictures made during that one long, but nice shooting day in Athens. I have also to admit, that Constantinos is a very very nice, positive and open person, very comfortable to work with. There was no any argumentation with him during all the process of creating that workshop, he is open to adequate discussions and ideas. And has great sense of humor.
Model Claudia Moretto Model
I had the pleasure to working with Constantinos two times and from the first time in Venice I felt I found a great photographer. He is very talented, professional, 150% reliable, patient and creative. One thing that impressed me the most was how serious he takes his job. The photos we did in Venice have been submitted to many magazines all over the world and everytime they got a publication. We worked on fashion and glamour projects and in both cases our ideas mixed together gave wonderful results. Also, the second shooting in Bergamo took place in unfavorable lighting conditions but the photos turned out beautifully thanks to Constantinos's skills. He's not just a great photographer, he's a great person too and I still remember about how much fun I had on set. It would be a very nice pleasure to work together again, still in Italy or in Greece.
Model Joanna David Model
Professionalism,integrity,direct communication are some words that described my partnership with Constantinos properly. He gave me a completly different view of my beauty and I really liked the result. Thank you.
organizing team | participant PAVLOS GOUDAS organizing team | participant
What you can see directly in Constantinos' workshop, apart from his direct and friendly attitude, is the professional approach of the whole concept. Organization skills, knowledge, creativity and consistency but also a commitment to the challenge that each participant becomes better and to leave the workshop even richer in knowledge and ideas that perhaps he did not have before but even if he did, to earn a richer and higher quality photographic portfolio.
Good organization, models were perfect and a wonderful location. Instructors with fantasy and knowledge. Thank you all we are expecting your next one.
In the workshops organized by Constantinos, you find a friendly environment and at the same time an expert being next to you. The workshop's are held in appropriate and very carefully selected locations, giving the opportunity to the present ones to enrich and refresh their portfolio.
The workshop of Constantinos M are excellent since the approach of each 'subject" is made with knowledge on it and absοlute professionalism. The quality it offers to me is very important for this and I will continue to follow it.
I have participated in several workshops by Constantinos and I can say with certainty that they are the best of their kind in Greece. Constantine and his colleagues always willing to help and solve any questions that anyone has. In every workshop everything is fine, the location of photography the models, the program and the climate is very friendly with great joy. The experiences I have gained in the workshop are priceless and the knowledge is very important. That's what I needed and more in a worskhop, lighting techniques (natural or artificial), camera settings, framing and synthesis, communication with the model and pose and even retouching techniques at Photoshop or Lightroom.
model | participant | organizing team KRISTINA KI KU model | participant | organizing team
Im blessed to met person like Constantinos, he introduced me to "photography" like nobody else before. He creates the environment to inspire and be inspired! Comforts and supports you at every step of your "life with a camera", brings you new tools to experience and just pushing you to top of your own limits. I am so happy to be part of THE team and having a friend like him!! Love you guys and keep on rocking! Unforgettable experience every time!!! The organization is just on top (locations, models, equipment etc.). Such a great and friendly atmosphere even in bigger events. As a beginner photographer i would recommend not to miss events like that. Thank you so so much for work and meaning you put into "photography". I wish all the best in New upcoming Year and a lot of great photos to be made !!! much love Kiku.
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