My workshops are aimed at beginners as well as professionals who are interested in different approach to nude and glamour photography or looking to expand their portfolios with new better images. Most of the times we spend one or two days in the atmosphere of art surrounded by stunning models. Participants will be able to take part in the process of unique and very own creation. All the classes have the same character. Have fun, enjoy and leave with something useful in your bag either you are an amateur or a pro.
We often discuss where to find inspiration and how to maintain contact with a model and the basic rules to do that without embarrassing a model. This will help you find models in the future!
We give tips and examples as how to process photos in a fast and efficient way and much, much more!

2-2-2020 25th Anniversary Workshop with Alessia Marcy 2-2-2020
Main Model: Alessia Marsy
13-10-2019 The art of seduction II 13-10-2019
Main Model: Becky Perry
18-8-2019 Domini Exclusive on the beach 18-8-2019
Main Model: Domini
26-5-2019 The Tropical Splash 26-5-2019
Main Model: Thea
24-3-2019 Postcards from Santorini Exclusive event 24-3-2019
Main Model: Anna Svitt
9-2-2019 The "A to Z" workshop & "Woman: Inspiration" 9-2-2019
Main Model: Tatiana Farnese
16-12-2018 X-MAS Anniversary Workshop 16-12-2018
Main Model: Nastassia
25-11-2018 The Total Fashion Workshop 25-11-2018
Main Model: Margarita Papandreou
28-10-2018 Wild, enough or more than! 28-10-2018
Main Model: That Carioca
6-7-2018 The amazing Nicole Ross 6-7-2018
Main Model: Nicole Ross
2-6-2018 Dolci Giorni 2-6-2018
Main Model: Chiara Sgarbosa
24-2-2018 Lidia Savo Sensual 24-2-2018
Main Model: Lidia Savoderova
3-12-2018 Boudouir: The art of emotion 3-12-2018
Main Model: Nastassia
22-2-2020 Poetic Minx Exclusive 22-2-2020
Main Model: Poetic Minx


Hello, my name is Constantinos Mouchtaris.
I’m fine art photographer and filmmaker since 1996.
I have a huge experience in arranging photography workshops and classes worldwide.
My main activities are glamour, fine art, fashion and nude photography. Sometimes I can enjoy an artistic wedding! Teaching photography in seminars in fine art, art nude, wedding, fashion, portrait and more!
I am an Adobe certified master in post-processing and color correction in Lightroom and Photoshop as well as Premiere.
I have organized more than 30 workshops in Greece in Athens and Thessaloniki.
I have also held workshops and classes successfully in Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Germany and Hungary.
I have hosted and -exclusively- introduced to the Greek audience more than 25 international models from Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Brazil, Colombia, Spain, Croatia and more as hundreds of people have followed one of my courses.
I am expecting you in one of my forthcoming workshops!

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